George is an expert in antique timber frame restoration for historic homes, barns and log cabins, all across the United States for over 40 years

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Barn on Cribbing.

Complete structural restoration for old barns & houseCall us for:

  • Experienced Timber Frame Jacking, Squaring and Sill Replacement.
  • Dismantling & Relocating of Antique Structures & Log Cabins.
  • Restoration of Large Wood Columns.
  • Complete Interior & Exterior Restoration.
  • Custom Barn Renovations.
  • Consultation & Pre-Purchase Analysis.
  • Insurance Losses and Emergency Repair.

For over forty years, we have been carrying on a centuries old tradition of itinerant timber frame restoration specialists, bringing the expertise to the work. Experience has shown that the restoration of historic timber frames is a specialty that requires long study and steady application.

We always consider the intent and the spirit of the original builder, as it is revealed in the existing historic work. 

House being jacked for structural repair.
Colonial house wall jacked as a unit to minimize damaged interior plaster.

Consultation, Inspection & Pre-Purchase Analysis


Our consultation clients are diverse:

  • Prospective old home buyers who want to know the true costs of ownership before they buy.
  • Realtors who want to answer the home buyer’s questions honestly in order to make a sale.
  • Insurance adjusters who seek reliable cost estimates for losses at historic properties.
  • Existing old home owners who seek an authoritative second opinion for major repairs.
Historic barn collapsed.
Barn BEFORE restoration by George Yonnone.

Insurance Losses and Emergency Repair

 Please call us BEFORE allowing your insurance company to declare your irreplaceable historic property a total loss.

Log cabin restoration.
Historic log cabin restoration, reproduction and relocating.

Dismantling & Relocation of Antique Structures & Log Cabins

 Let’s save your irreplaceable historic building for the enrichment of our present and as an historic legacy for the future.

Timber sill replacement.
George at work.

George Yonnone (pronounced ya-NO-nee) Restorations performs reliable expert restorations and inspections of historic timber framed structures, anywhere in the United States. With four decades of experience in preserving America’s historic structures, we are the historic timber frame experts!

To talk to George Yonnone, Owner, about the condition of your antique building, call him at 413-441-1478 or contact him by email.



Restoring the Past to Preserve the Future
With Precision Craftsmanship, Integrity
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