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“More than just general carpenters or structural repair specialists, George and his crew are dedicated craftsmen. They understand and respect the history of the structures they work with, and are sympathetic with them. Their repairs and restoration are of the finest quality, and their solutions to complex problems display an ingenuity and understanding of timber-frame structures that only experience can foster.”

George working on a restoration
The walls and floors of many old houses rest on heavy timber sills set atop the foundation. Sills damaged by insects, rot, or poor carpentry often lead to structural problems that need to be repaired by contractors who specialize in this work.

George Yonnone Restoration is a full service Restoration Company, specializing in structural repair to 17th, 18th and early 19th century homes, barns and log cabins.

We have been in business since 1970 and pride ourselves on a high standard of quality craftsmanship. We perform a wide variety of services including restoration, duplication and replicating period structures. Another service we offer is the dismantling and relocation of antique structures that are in danger of being destroyed in the name of progress.

We pay close attention to design and architectural details to assure the authenticity and historic value of each structure. All repairs and finish carpentry are performed with the same care and attention to detail given to the structure by the original builder. We will work closely with local historians, architects and owners to assure that all work is accurate and appropriate.

We are proud of our ability to restore buildings on their existing site. The job of replacing main timbers and structural members in colonial homes and barns is technically challenging, but one that we enjoy. We pay close attention to the leveling and squaring process, restoring each building to its original integrity, knowing it will stand strong for many centuries to come.

Although we have gained a lot of experience over the past thirty-five years in the repair and restoration of older structures that have failed due to age, neglect or insect infestation, we have in recent years been asked to lend our talents to new structures, both conventional and timber frames that have failed due to poor design or building techniques. I am happy to offer our services of new home reconstruction to those in need.

Working Along Side the Pros

We have trained many homeowners through our owner participant program. It has been a rewarding experience for both myself and our clients. It has also provided them with an opportunity to become involved in the restoration while keeping costs down.

Our services are offered nationally, either as a consultant to determine the extent of structural damage and repairs or to perform needed repairs for you. We specialize in natural disaster repairs, such as flood, hurricane, tornadoes and earthquakes. In many situations when a structure has been damaged it would be considered a total loss and costly removal and replacement is the next step. In most cases, these structures can be repaired at a great savings to the owner and insurance company. It is this type of experience that we bring to the job at hand.