Causes of Sill Damage – Concrete

concrete causes sill damage
Cement against sill 300x200 Causes of Sill Damage   Concrete

Pouring concrete above the level of the foundation, and against the sill, leads to sill damage and eventual sill failure.

Sill damage can occur for many reasons that I will explain in future posts.

This building is a church in Eastern NY. Sometime in the past the stone foundation was exposed to add a layer of cement to the exterior. The cement was placed on top of the original stones and against the grade sills. Over time it began to take on water that ran down the wall and found its way behind the clapboards and trim boards. As a result the sills on the entire church failed. There was no evidence of flashing at the lower wall that would have helped considerably or would have eliminated the condition entirely.

Lay out templates to drill roof plates


IMG 0267 300x200 Lay out  templates to drill roof plates When drilling a sill plate with a diagonal  scarf joint it is necessary to be accurate with the layout to insure that when the hole is drilled through the  sill plate ,  the hole is dead center of the half lap. The 3/4 ” steel rod has to be inserted at the proper angle to follow the twist of the roof plate. When tension is taken up on the roof plates and the rods and turnbuckles tighten the roof plate will adjust itself to level.

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