About US

Grey Water Damage is a water damage service company that is tailored to make sure that we serve all our customers with the highest level of diligence. The company has being in existence for more than twenty years and we are proud to be among the top rated companies in the world.

The quality of our equipment and the manner in which they are handled is one of the main aspects that give us a higher cutting edge. The pumps are maintained as well as the trucks by skilled mechanics whom have being working with us for more than twenty years now.

The many list of services also enable us to actually expand our clientele base and get in touch with more people as w continue to move forward. The list of services that we offer is also available on our website and you can also get int ouch with our support team to get more details about what we do.

The customer care service works around the clock and this is a major plus since we are able to respond to even the most complicated incidents within the shortest time possible.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the water damage as well as mold removal services that we offer.