Old Barn Restoration and Repair

“Whether you like an old barn for its structural beauty or have just enough of the poet in you to see it as a symbol of pioneer man, an old farm building is the past as well as the present; vanished generations have built themselves into it.”

Colonial barns reflect the ingenuity of ancestors who carved a living out of the wilderness two hundred years ago. To save this work of art for generations to come, you need to employ dedicated craftsman. We are highly skilled experts in colonial barn restoration. This includes all phases of structural, interior and exterior barn repair.

We specialize in Barn Restoration in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and all of the Northeast. We will work closely with you to return the original splendor and structural integrity of your barn. It’s very rewarding work. And that’s why we have been saving and restoring barns for four decades.

When Others Say It Can’t Be Done…

When an old timber frame barn needs restoration, it is crucial to remember that the structural restoration phase separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Sure, you might be able to get by cheaper having a local carpenter repair the symptoms -many often do. But before long things will deteriorate and the process becomes an extended saga of agony and unforeseen expenses.

…it’s Time for the Barn Doctor!

We will restore your barn to it’s original beauty and integrity – the way it was built centuries ago. Doing this requires as much art as engineering and precision craftsmanship. Barn restoration is far more challenging and requires more expertise than regular construction. It is beyond nailing precut parts together – it’s conceptualizing and returning the structural integrity.

Structural barn repair falls into the category of custom reconstruction. Each repair must be resolved to its fullest in order to prepare for the next step in the process. This requires time and patience.

Many times during the process, we run into unforeseen damage. For this reason, we work on a time and material basis to ensure that the details necessary to complete the project get the attention they deserve.

In today’s construction market, it’s common for companies to bid low to get the job and then add frequent change orders to cover what was originally glossed over. Time and material is more equitable for both the client and myself. It eliminates financial conflicts of interest and the incentive to take shortcuts.

We will establish a guesstimated cost based on a thorough inspection of your structure. We will determine the scope of work and describe the project in phases determining immediate and long term goals.

The Sooner the Better

If your barn has problems, you need to act now. A small leak in the roof can bring a barn down in a couple of years. Once this happens, your asset quickly becomes a liability.

Even if you can’t afford to do an entire barn restoration project, it is important to at least get an expert evaluation. This will determine the best ways to stabilize your barn and clarify what needs immediate attention. From there, long term goals can be established to complete the project to your satisfaction and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your barn restoration project and how to get the job done right.