Old Home Restoration

The men who built your old home were rugged individuals. They used old world building methods including hewing the logs by hand. In many cases they built their own tools. There were no short cuts then. Why should you accept shortcuts in the restoration of your colonial house today?

George Yonnone Restorations was established in 1970 and is dedicated to the restoration of colonial homes, barns and log cabins. We are experienced in all phases of old home restoration including:

Final dressing with a hammer and chisel so the joist tenon will fit tightly with the sill mortise.
  • Timber Frame Repairs: Sill repair and replacement, timber frame restoration, jacking, squaring, leveling, stone foundations and roofing.
  • Exterior Home Restoration: Replace and maintain exterior components from entries to cornices, including roofs, siding and windows. We also do large wood Column Restoration.
  • Interior Home Restoration: Restore and modify historic rooms, stairs, plaster, brickwork, and hardware so as to retain their period appearance while serving modern function.


Old Home Quality Craftsmanship

Even with decades of home restoration experience, we are still always amazed by the original quality of each new project we encounter. 18th century craftsman took immense pride in their work. They produced quality that is far superior to anything being built today.

That’s why old houses are so valuable. And that’s why restoring them in the same manner they were created is so important.

What is Means to be an Antique Home Restoration Expert

We deal holistically with old house restoration – from the bottom up – and provide the same quality and care as the original craftsman.

The restoration of an old timber frame house is not a production related process as many modern carpenters will lead you to believe. Far too often general contractors remodel an old house without the right experience or attention to structural issues. They focus on one area and not the entire structure. This leaves underlying problems that get worse and quickly need further attention.

To get the job done right you need to work with someone who has seen it all – someone with a lot of experience.

Why You Need GY Restorations for Your Old Home

To gently lift the walls, the vertical jacking posts must bear on two oak plates bolted along the length of the second-story line. Plastic unrolls over the posts for weather protection.

George Yonnone has been dedicated to the art of structural repairs for the past 34 years. He has developed valuable jacking techniques that are efficient and get the job done right. He genuinely enjoys the challenges that arise each day and gets excited when someone says, “everyone else I’ve called says this project can’t be done.”

These kind of projects make our work exciting and bring the craft to a whole new level. And that’s what we do best. If you are considering restoring your old home or already have a project underway, we can help.

Contact us today to make sure your old house gets the restoration it deserves.

In the Restoration market, it’s common for companies to bid low to get the job and then add frequent change orders to cover what was originally glossed over. Time and material is more equitable for both the client and myself. It eliminates financial conflicts of interest and the incentive to take shortcuts.

We will establish a guesstimated cost based on a thorough inspection of your structure. We will determine the scope of work and describe the project in phases determining immediate and long term goals.

The Sooner the Better

If your barn has problems, you need to act now. A small leak in the roof can bring a barn down in a couple of years. Once this happens, your asset quickly becomes a liability.

Even if you can’t afford to do an entire restoration project, it is important to at least get an expert evaluation. This will determine the best ways to stabilize your barn and clarify what needs immediate attention. From there, long term goals can be established to complete the project to your satisfaction and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your barn restoration project and how to get the job done right.